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Custom printed and engraved products
– Briefly in english

We offer customer service in English.
The product information on our website is in Finnish, but we are happy to translate it to you when necessary.

About us

We are a business gift retailer located in Olari, Espoo, offering you high quality imprinted design products, corporate gifts and promotional products.


A unique corporate gift can be personalized or branded with your company logo or business message. We prefer to use high quality printing techniques, resulting in durable and stylish gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

We are a socially and environmentally responsible company, determined to compete in quality, shipment reliability and good customer service.


This company is owned by the advertising agency Designia Oy, so we also provide sterling graphic design when needed.

Customization, minimum 10–1000 pieces

We will help you find the best business gifts or promotional products to achieve your marketing goals and show your appreciation. The products can be customized in a variety of different ways, from colour printing to laser engraving. We also offer textile printing, which you can read more about at

Please notice that we do not customize individual products or do the work while awaiting.

Minimum order quantities are following:

• Uncustomized products starting from 10 articles.

• Customized products from 10 to 1000 articles, depending on the product.


The minimum order quantity of each product is mentioned on the product's own information sheet.


Production time varies from 1 week to 14 weeks, depending on the product.

We offer you a large collection of producs to serve you in all different purposes. Pens, keyrings, badges, electronics, garments, luxury lifestyle products etc. In addition to these we have a showroom at our press premise.


> Check out the products on our website!


If you can't find what you are looking for, don't worry, just send us an email or give us a call and we can try to find it for you. You are also more than welcome to schedule an appoinment to come and visit us to take a look at the products we have in our showroom. You can read more about this service further down on this page.

> Find more products on our product catalogues!

About our products


Business gifts with logos.



Clothes, printing and embroidery.



Our advertising agency can offer a good quality graphic design -service.



We also produce campaign buttons ie pinback buttons.



Getting an offer from us is easy!

Just send us an e-mail at asiakaspalvelu(ät)

1. Tell us of which product you would like to get an offer

2. Attach the logo in your message

3. Tell us the quantity and your schedule  ... done! :)

The final price of your order will depend on the products you choose, the order quantity, the printing technique, the amount of colours and printed objects per product and on the method of delivery.


You can find some price information on our website on each product's information sheet. Some prices already include a print. On products that are usually bought without a print the price is for uncustomized pieces. Prices on our website do not include VAT.

For more detailed price information, send us an
e-mail at asiakaspalvelu(ät)
in which you specify:

• which product you are interested in / what kind of product are you looking for

• what would be your estimated order quantity

• If you wish the products to be customized, make sure to attach a picture of the logo in your message.

• If you have a deadline, please mention it too. That way we know to only offer you products that can be delivered within your timetable.

Visiting our showroom / borrowing samples

You are more than welcome to visit us to see samples of the products you are interested in! However, we would like to give you the estimated price of your order before booking an appointment with you. :)


We would also like you to notice that we don't necessarily yet have samples of the exact product you wish to order at our showroom. If we don't have a sample, we can order it for you. Depending on the product, it may take from 1 to 4 weeks for the samples to arrive.


The appointment is normally scheduled to last approximately 30 minutes. Please make sure to arrive on time because there might be another customer coming right after you. If you wish the appointment to last longer, please mention it to us, so that we can keep our calendar clear for you.


If you are not able to come and visit us, it is also possible for you to borrow the samples for a short period of time. We can either collect the samples and you can pick them up at our office, or we can send the samples to you.


If you come and pick up and return the samples up yourself there will be no costs. If we send the samples to you, we will charge you the delivery fee.


So just let us know what you would like us to do. :)

Make sure you book an appointment before

visiting us!


If you wish to come and see our products, remember to book an appointment after you have received our offer! This way we can make sure that we have the samples you wish to see, that there is a free salesperson to serve you and that there is no other customer visiting us at the same time.



See our contact information.

In order to send you samples we need the following info:

• Receiver company • Address

• Contact person • Cell phone number

If you mail the samples back to us use this information:

Designia Oy /

+ the name and phone number of your salesperson!

Kuunkehrä 2 (street level)

02210 Espoo (Olari, Kuitinmäen ostoskeskus)

>Check also our contact information page.

Our product samples are not for sale. We have bought them to help you choose the product you like. We always collect, register and pack the samples for free.


Postal charge (from us to a customer and from the customer to us) is a fee the customer pays to the company that deliveres the parcel (for example Posti). If you don't want to pay for delivery you can pick the samples up and bring them pack to us by yourself
- or you can use your own courier.


Once we have got the samples pack, we unpack and place them back to our showroom without any charge.

So all the work we do for you be able to see

the products we do for free.

Placing an order

Once you have accepted our offer we will need the following information:


• Which product(s) in which colours are you ordering?

• How many pieces per product?

> If you haven't seen the actual product before

check out borrowing samples!


Please notice that if you order without seeing the product, we cannot be held accountable if the product is not what you wished for. ;)



• If the product(s) will be customized with your logo and if we haven't yet received the logo in printing quality, we are going to need it at this point.

• Tell us also where on the product you wish the logo to be placed.

> More information about the preferred material format here.

DELIVERY: Which method of delivery you choose?

Your options are:

• Pick up your products at our office

• A Postal parcel with pickup from your nearest postal outlet

• A Parcel to the Doorstep

• Courier service in greater Helsinki area 25,00 euros + VAT / 20 kg


There is no handling fee if you come and pick up the products by yourself. For the postal parcels you only pay the regular postal fee.



When you have confirmed the order we need the name, address and in a case of a company the VAT identification number of the party being billed. Also remember to include a possible digital billing address.

> More information about billing here.



Confirmation of order

Our price includes a confirmation of order with a digital print simulation!

Once you have sent us your order and delivered us the information mentioned above, you will get a PDF-document summarizing all the information regarding your chosen product quantities, schedule, delivery methods and billing information.


The PDF will also include a digital print simulation with information of the size, colour and positioning of the print(s).

Confirmation of order is always included in our pricing - however, as our designers are professionals, having a digital proof requires a steady order.


If the order is cancelled after the confirmation of order has been processed, we will still charge the designers work and possible starting costs.


Our premise is not a shop and we do not have a cash register, therefore we always bill.


For billing we need the name of the firm, the address and in a case of a company the VAT identification number of the party being billed.

If the party being billed is a

private customer or society - we charge beforehand, according to the information given in the order confirmation.

company - we can acquire a credit decision. In order to acquire a credit decision one must have a clean credit history. In this case we bill small or normal sized orders with a 14 ­day credit.

• In case of a bigger order we require half of the payment in advance and the rest upon delivery.

Social and environmental responsibility

Material Format

We are a 100% Finnish company and a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) and Espoon Yrittäjät.


Our credit rating is the highest AAA

(Bisnode Finland, since 2015).

Vector graphics (the preferred format);

• PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand or EPS.


Pixel graphics;

• Jpg maximum quality, psd, png or tif


The quality of a gif or jpg downloaded from the Internet is usually too poor to be printed. The simplest way to check the quality of the picture is to print it with your own printer. If it looks serrated it will look the same way on your product. It is still worth asking if it might work.

If your design includes text, and your material is vector graphic, make sure the text has been converted to path before you send it to us. Or tell us if you have a certain font you wish us to use.


If the terms vector and pixel graphics say nothing to you, don't worry! Just send us the material you have and we will tell you what is possible to make out of it.


Please remember that the customer is responsible for all the copyrights in the order.

We are a company with honest means and legitimate principles. We fill all the requirements for Tilaajavastuulaki, the Subscriber Responsibility Law and so we are privileged to have the right to use Luotettava Kumppani, a responsible confederate-label.

Contact information

Our customer service e-mail asiakaspalvelu&

For the quotation please include the picture you want to have printed on the products in your e-mail. This way we will be able to the correct price.

Our customer service tel. 044 555 0093 (on weekdays 10AM–5PM)

We are happy to advice you with anything concerning our products, but we always give the pricing via e-mail.

You’ll find our names, personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers on our contact information page.

Our company also has

an environmental program.


We also observe the ecological and ethical sides of our product assortment. • asiakaspalvelu(ät) • Laitathan painettavan kuvan tarjouspyyntösi liitteeksi!

Kuunkehrä 2, 02210 Espoo (Olari, Kuitinmäen ostosaukea) • Avoinna arkisin kello 10-17, käynnit vain ajanvarauksella.

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